Carlotte Tiemessen

Dental Hygienist in training


“Can I motivate you to achieve the best oral hygiene? Healthy teeth make the most beautiful smile!”

My name is Carlotte Tiemessen and since September 2017, I’ve happily worked as an experienced “prevention assistant” at the Liem-Michael dental practice. I came to this practice as an intern during my education in oral health care in Amsterdam. The dental clinic team and its patients make the day to day work enjoyable. Recently, I started an internship at the hospital to further broaden my knowledge in oral care.

I think it’s awesome to work in oral care because every day is different. I also like to offer a listening ear and make everyone feel at ease during their treatment. I am a perfectionist in all I do, and I think it’s  important for this quality to shine through in my work. My strengths are attention to detail and translation efforts I engage in while at the practice. With my enthusiasm for the profession, I would like to motivate patients towards good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth make the most beautiful smile!

Some interesting facts about Carlotte:

  • Carlotte has been working in our practice as a prevention assistant since 2017;
  • She got to know our  practice during an internship in oral health care. She will graduate from that same program as a dental hygienist;
  • Carlotte is a perfectionist who only settles for the best results.