Gosia Koziol

Dental Assistant


“If you feel at home in our practice, then I know that I have done my job well.”

My name is Gosia and in 2006, I moved to the Netherlands. I previously graduated as a dietitian in Poland, and after my move to the Netherlands, I obtained my diploma as a dental assistant. The idea spawned from talking with friend who had already completed the training. She told me about how much fun she had working as a dental assistant. I have been active in this profession for more than ten years now and have worked at other dental practices in Amsterdam. I have never regretted this career switch and feel completely at home in our fun practice and hope that the patients feel that way too.

I have other responsibilities aside from working as a dental assistant under the direction of Lieske and Yu Lan, responsibilities that are often behind the scenes. For example, I keep track of the clinic’s supplies and ensure that misunderstandings with the dentists do not occur during a patient’s treatment. I enjoy doing my job to the best of my abilities so that patients experience a flawless visit. Together with my colleagues, I like to help every patient as best as possible. It gives me a good feeling if a patient leaves our practice with a smile!|

Some interesting facts about Gosia:

  • Gosia started her career as a dietitian;
  •  She followed a dental assistant training course in the Netherlands more than ten years ago;
  •  Gosia has been working in our practice since January 2018;
  •  She works for both Lieske and Yu Lan.