Anne Visser

Dental Hygienist


“Even patients who do not see sunshine and rainbows in their dental assistant’s eyes have still come to the right place. In fact, I consider patients’ reservations as a wonderful moment of contact, a moment to reassure an anxious patient and provide a pleasant treatment experience.”

My name is Anne Visser, and I have been working as a Dental Hygienist at Liem-Michael Dental Practice since January 2019. I have gained a variety of work experience in different dental practices across Amsterdam, including a position at a dental hygiene practice. I think it is important that I always provide the best care to my patients.

My expertise is in treating patients with (advanced) periodontitis. Essentially, I like to help make serious gum problems reach a healthy level again. Some people go to the dentist’s office already filled with fear. I enter the conversation with compassion, and try to take the worry out of their deepest concerns. In approaching the situation in this way, I hope to bring a sense of peace to their treatment.

I also enjoy working with children, and I am at this practice every Tuesday and Thursday.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and socializing with others.

Some interesting facts about Anne:

  • Bringing a sense of peace to her patients is an important aspect of her work.
  • Since January 2019, she has been working at the Liem-Michael practice two days a week. It’s hard to imagine the practice without her in it.