Rianne Seggers



“Whenever you call us, chances are that you will speak with me on the phone. I am happy to answer your questions or schedule an appointment for you.”

My name is Rianne and in October 2018, I started working as a desk assistant for dental practice Liem-Michael.  Before I came to this practice, I worked as a maternity nurse, but I wanted to do something different.

As a desk assistant, I am responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, including scheduling patient appointments. If you call us, chances are that you will speak to me on the phone. I work four days a week here, and I also handle some of the behind the scenes tasks that patients often don’t see.

I would like to welcome you to our practice and hope that you will enjoy a pleasant visit. Together with my inviting and friendly colleagues, I work hard to provide you with a good experience.

I hope that I’ll continue to work here for many more years to come.

Some interesting facts about Rianne:

  • Rianne has a daughter;
  • She previously worked as a maternity nurse and this is her first job in a dental practice;
  • Rianne is looking forward to welcoming you with a smile.