Only emergency treatments at Dental Clinic Liem-Michael due to Corona virus

You probably have noticed that drastic measures were taken March 15th by the Dutch government because of the current situation surrounding the corona virus. We put your, our and national health first. That is why we have decided to discontinue regular treatments from Monday, March 16 to April 6, on the advice of RIVM and the KNMT. We therefore only treat patients with emergency complaints.

What does this mean for you as a patient?
• The regular appointments within the next three weeks are canceled. We will call you to reschedule until mid-April / May.
You don’t have to call us. We will call you.
• In case of emergency you can reach us by phone from 9.00-12.00 or e-mail. Time is sceduled every day for urgent emergencies.

When is there an emergency?
• Swelling / inflammation in the mouth in combination with fever
• Broken tooth or molars with pain that you cannot suppress with painkillers
• Bleeding (after, for example, having a tooth pulled)
• Other pains that you cannot suppress with painkillers

Who are we not treating?
• If you have a cold with or without a fever
• If you have been in a risk area in the past 2 weeks
• If you have been in contact in the past 2 weeks with someone who has the corona virus
• If you are infected with the corona virus

What precautions do we urge you to take when you come by?
• upon entering, wash your hands with soap, then disinfect your hands with the hand gel and dry your hands thoroughly with a napkin. Toss the napkin in the pedal bin.
• Sneeze or cough into your elbow or use a tissue and throw it away immediately. Then clean your hands again as described above.
• do not shake hands with our staff and keep 1.5 meters away from the staff (except those who treat you)
• just before the treatment, rinse your mouth for 30 seconds with hydrogen peroxide 1% which we have ready for you.

We rely on your understanding and cooperation. Our goal is to help you as usual after April 6.

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